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    辣手娇娃 男人被绑玩sm





    主演:威廉姆·伯格 艾德薇姬·芬妮齐 霍华德·罗斯 

    更新时间:2020-05-12 09:18:08

    简介:男人被绑玩sm George Stark is a wealthy industrialist who invites five business friends of his to his remote Mediterranean island for a weekend of relaxation and business when he introduces them to Professor Farrell, a brilliant chemist who gives investment ideas to the group. But against Farrells wishes, the group goes behind each others back to obtain information on Farrells chemistry ideas and soon the guests and residents start turning up dead one by one as Stark and Farrell must rally the group together to determine the identity of the killer despite nobody trusting anyone.