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    导演:Nicole Conn 




    主演:佐伊·文图拉 凯拉·拉多姆斯基 凯伊·兰兹 哈莉·简·科扎克 弗伦奇·斯图尔特 布洛克·艾略特 莱斯利·尼科尔 布鲁斯·戴维森 

    更新时间:2020-06-10 11:36:08

    简介: A broken FBI agent, suspended from her job and struggling with the loss of her mother, travels to the small mountain town she used to visit as a child. She is befriended by a special needs boy who possesses the extraordinary gift of healing others through his unbroken spirit and unique outlook on life. Though she is hurting, she begins to see through his eyes as the puzzle pieces fall into place.