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    主演:玛丽·露易斯·帕克 伊丽莎白·帕金斯 罗曼尼·马尔可 

    更新时间:2019-11-05 10:54:39

    简介: In the series opener we meet Nancy Botwin, a recently widowed suburban soccer mom whos dealing pot to make ends meet; Nancy flips out when she discovers Josh, one of her competitors, is dealing to 10 year-olds at her youngest sons school, but she soon discovers a bigger skeleton in Joshs closet; Nancy is stunned when Quinn, her rival Celias 15 year old daughter, asks her permission to have sex with her 15 year old son, Silas; Celia thinks her Nanny-Cam is the perfect solution to keep the kids celibate, but she ends up seeing much more than she bargained for.